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Fuchs – you stole the goose  or  three Chinese with the double bass  to take away the children’s reluctance to sing along. So that the children have my songs in their ears a little, every kindergarten child receives a free demo CD with my children’s songs from me 3 weeks before the event.

If the children have already heard my songs at home, then many of them can already read the refrains and will be busy singing along with my children’s program. It will be a wonderful morning or afternoon singing for everyone involved. The program lasts about 1 1/2 hours including a break of about 20 minutes. 

Sometimes we do 70 minutes at a time, depending on how it fits into the framework of the festival. It would also be great if someone from the kindergarten team or the kindergarten parents’ wear  my plush costume, the  Schokodil   (about 1.85 m tall) to hatch.

However, only about 5 minutes at the beginning of the program to welcome the children and about 10 minutes at the end of the program. The rest of the time, mom or dad can of course take off the costume. The appearance of this life-size fairy tale character creates a beautiful setting for my program.

Grundschulen, Weltsparwochen

A children’s program for primary schools and banks or other companies and associations is somewhat different from that of kindergartens. Here I sing children’s songs, which are a bit more demanding in terms of content. At a school festival, the students shouldn’t be bored; I would also like to “challenge” this age group with my songs. I have a sample below as an audio file.

Dorffeste, Zeltfeste, Straßenfeste, Kinderfasching

I am usually invited by an association for these celebrations. Here I always discuss with the association’s board of directors how best to advertise this event in the surrounding communities. The best way to explain the form in which such a children’s program should be advertised so that many visitors come to this children’s program is over the phone. My phone number is in the menu item> Contacts <.

Some Music Notes Of Mine From Differnent Events

Kinder Program

Kinder Program

Kinder Program

kinder program


Kinder Program